Friday, September 30, 2011

My irrational fears and why I miss my husband.

My son has this adorable little walker that he runs all over the house in.  He loves having the freedom and control to walk around and do as he pleases.  He'll roll over to a little table we have and open the drawers, he'll explore the handle of the vacuum, and of course--he chases our dogs.  He'll get going really fast and run into furniture and over your feet if you're in the way.  I cannot even count the number of times that my poor little toes have fallen victim to this walker. 

Today I was walking down the hallway back into our bedroom to finish getting ready.  As I heard the munchkin chasing after me--at a full sprint, I couldn't help but be freaked out.  Let me explain.  I have issues being chased and followed.  When I was a kid--tag wasn't a game I enjoyed much.  I cannot tell you why--it's just one of my idiosyncrasies.  Whenever I am chased or followed--I freak out.  My husband seems to think this is hilarious.  He'll add in the phrase, "I'm gonna get you" and hold out his hands like he's the tickle monster.  My immediate hysterics always result in oodles of laughter from him.  I, however, am not amused. 

Aaaaand we're back.

Today, I was actually a little freaked out because I was being chased.  By my 8 month old.  Who can't even walk.  I quickened my pace and as soon as I got into my bedroom, whipped around and talked myself out of the anxious feelings that were welling up.  As soon as the babe came around the corner, all I could think was about how ridiculous I felt for having such an irrational fear.

Why does this make me miss my husband?  He would love this story and we would laugh together about it.  Because he can appreciate all of the little weird things about me.  And because he knows me like no one else does. 

Seven years ago tomorrow, he and I met in college.  And now, his little boy is learning to tease mommy while daddy is away just like daddy would.  I'm thinking that once this kid is old enough to play pranks with him, my life is going to get a lot more interesting...

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