Thursday, August 16, 2012

The little stitch that could...

The whole gang is there--all four stitches.
My little one got into a fight with a counter top and lost.  Four stitches later, a catscan to make sure his noggin was ok, and LOTS of tears later, we left the ER. 

I guess I should be glad he's lasted this long without having to be stitched up.  He's such a wild, rowdy boy.  He's not at all agreeable (see my last post).  ;)

However, on top of running into the counter and getting stitches, my precious little one has managed to pull out three of the four stitches within 36 hours of getting them. *Facepalm*

The Little Stitch That Could

So, this last stitch, has quickly become, "The little stitch that could"...hold my child's forehead together.  If he escapes with even a minor scar, I will owe it to this stitch.  If this scar is never the topic of conversation at dinner, I will owe it to this stitch.  If future conversations don't turn out like this:
Hi, Mason.  Nice to meet you.  How did you get that scar?

I will owe it to this stitch. 

So, dear little stitch, please do hang on.  His face is so precious.  He's far too young to be romancing the ladies with tales of how he climbed mountains or conquered dragons and came away with only the scar on his forehead.

Until then, at least for the next few months, I'll just assume that this little scar will be the topic of many a conversation.  Add this to the list of agreeable qualities....If your child does NOT take it upon himself to remove his own might have an agreeable child. 

Then again, perhaps Mason has found his higher calling in life.  Maybe he'll be a doctor one day!!

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  1. Although I'm so sorry for your precious boy, your post has made me smile and laugh! I think one of the best things my mom has ever said to me is that God does not give us children we cannot handle and I think you definitely prove it. I know at times you're pulling your hair out and wanting to throw your own tantrum (at least I do), but you've managed to laugh at and make others laugh as well. I miss you guys! XO