Sunday, August 12, 2012

You might have an agreeable child if...

He's very upset...about something.
Sorry for the long break in posting.  I find it hard, at times, to find meaningful things to write about.  While, I think my child learning how to open doors, and babble new phrases is amazing, I realize that it might not be worthy of blogging.  :)

This, however, I felt really needed to be said. 

Let me start by telling you a smidge about the little personality that I've been raising.  He is WONDERFUL, don't get me wrong.  But, he  And by spirited, I mean: Challenging.  Determined. Stubborn. 

And he's 18 months.  I am le tired.  Ok...back to the topic....

I feel like I am constantly seeing all of these posts on facebook/intstagram of moms with toddlers that are snuggly, sweet, and gentle.  I see these parents make comments like, "I had to wake him/her to eat" when talking about their newborns.  Or, "We just snuggled all morning."  OY!!  Enough!!  I'm happy that your child is just so relaxed and laid back....but, no need to rub it in!!! 

So, I decided I would write a post.  Now, moms with agreeable kids--do not be offended!!  Instead, rejoice if you fall into this category.  And if you don't have an agreeable child....well, I am in the trenches with you!!!

Here goes....

If you have ever said, "I had to wake him to eat.  He just sleeps too much!" might have an agreeable child.

If you have ever looked with horror at the mom in the grocery store with the screaming child (once you already have kids) might have an agreeable child.

If you have ever said to a friend that is frustrated with their toddler, "I just told him to and he did it, it's that simple" might have an agreeable child. 

In fact, if you find yourself telling your mom friends, "It's that simple" might have an agreeable child. 

If you can sit and enjoy a meal in public with a small child under the age of might have an agreeable child.

If your child can nap anywhere and fall asleep easily when they are might have an agreeable child.

If you were able to sleep through the night consistently before your child's first might have an agreeable child.

While traveling, if you look with judgement upon the parents a few rows up with the ONLY AWAKE CHILD on the entire might have an agreeable child.

If you look upon a parent, with a child that is more challenging, and blame the parent by claiming that if they parented correctly, their child would willingly follow might have an agreeable child.

If your child sits still and reads, draws, or plays with one activity for more than a few might have an agreeable child.

If the concept of your child intentionally defying you is something you wouldn't dream might have an agreeable child.

If your child stays in bed when you put them might have an agreeable child.

If (in your head or out loud), you thought while reading the last statement, "They will stay in bed,  you just have to tell them what you expect and make it happen and be consistent" might have an agreeable child.

If your child stays in time out the FIRST time you put them might have an agreeable child.

Let me finish this by saying, that all children are blessings. And I'm not complaining about my blessing. He's wonderful. I cannot imagine getting a different personality. I love him more than life itself. But, fellow moms, do not judge my parenting skills based on my toddler's behavior. Despite consistency, patience, and healthy rearing, my little one isn't calm, gentle, or cuddly. So, when you see me at the commissary with no makeup, my hair disheveled, and a screaming child who REFUSES to sit in the cart, please do not judge. Just move along with your well behaved child and your cute hair-do.  

If you sympathize, please share your, "You might have an agreeable child" moments.  ;)


  1. I think you have a very smart, very active, curious, enquiring mine who is now 26 and a mathematician. He was exhausting, challenging, endlessly active and absolutely brilliant.....although I only suspected it at the time ;-))

  2. Elizabeth,
    Thank you! I do have to agree with you! I think he is quite bright and intelligent! And I know that one day, I will be so grateful for his drive and determination. He is rather exhausting at times, though!