Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Marrying into the Military...

Great–the man you love has proposed to you! Congratulations! Now is the time for you to just enjoy your engagement, smile longingly into one another’s eyes, have all the time in the world to set a date (and order anything and everything that will display your date–napkins, gifts for your guests, candies, etc.), and just genuinely enjoy planning your one special day
rush to find a place that will get you hitched before your honey heads out, you move across the country (or world), and have to completely start anew with said man. This means moving your things, your life, making new friends, finding new jobs, a new church, a new home, and sometimes the most daunting—finding your way around town (gasp!). Thank goodness for GPS!
My personality is to research and try to know exactly what I’m getting myself into before any decision. Ha!! If there’s one thing that you should know about military life right now it’s that you’ll never get the full “scoop” on something from your military member. Sure, they’ll tell you everything they’ve been told–and everything they know. But, things will usually have a way of turning out very different than you will ever imagine! (Which isn’t always bad!)
Ok–back to the topic–a new military wife. If you are about to become a military wife, I would go out and pick up the book, “Married to the Military” by Meredith Leyva. It’s an awesome book that will give you a ton of answers. It will also help you navigate the acronyms of the military! It was a lifesaver for me!

By: Meredith Leyva


  1. Hmm... Maybe I will check this book out! I think I will feel like a new military wife for a couple years yet. Or maybe a couple moves yet.

  2. It's a great book!! I think I gave my copy away. A sweet military wife passed it on to me before I got engaged. So, I passed it on. What a beautiful gift it was!!