Sunday, July 31, 2011

Babies are expensive. Sheesh.

As I was lying in bed last night, waiting for my body to decide it was time to fall asleep, thoughts filled my head.  It’s always like that for me.  My mind just races once I lie down—and it’s gotten particularly worse since I had the munchkin.  I am tired all day, and when bedtime comes, I just lie there wide awake, while my husband just snores away.   

Rather than plot against my husband—who is peacefully resting J I allowed my brain to wander for a time—in hopes that I would finally relax and drift off.

Last night, I got to thinking that perhaps I should write a post about the necessities for having a new baby around.  As a military wife, we can’t just go out and buy every little thing our heart desires.  We might have to move it all across the country—multiple times!!  Alas!  We must be selective! 

So, I decided to compile a list for all the moms-to-be out there.  Let me preface this by saying that I’m pretty practical.  The reason I say that is—this list, in my opinion doesn’t have any fluff.   

  • Crib
  • Changing table—I had a lot of people say that it was going to be a waste—but because I’m a “everything in it’s place” kinda gal—I LOVE my changing table.
  • Rocker/Glider etc. 
  • Dresser for baby—or a way to organize blankets, bibs, and bedding

  • 5-7 Sleepers (more for newborn) I recommend either sleep sacks, or sleep n plays with footies—and I also recommend 100% Cotton
  • 10-12 “outfits” that you would take them out in (Less for Newborn)
  • 5-7 “outfits” that you would hang out in the house in—unless you are ok to leave them in their pjs (which I totally did)
  • Don’t forget bibs (10), baby blankets (10-15—depending on the season), burp rags (10), and crib sheets (2)           
Tips on clothing a newborn—

  • Socks are hard to keep on—so I would just leave my little one in pjs with footsies—that way his feet stayed warm.  In fact, my son is now six months old and he has YET to wear a pair of socks.
  • Remember that putting them in pants might be tricky until the umbilical cord falls off (which took almost 3 weeks for us)
  • Buying onesies with the little pockets that tuck over their hands are helpful and keep them from scratching their face

You’ll need a Bathtub a few wash clothes, and a couple towels.  I would recommend this tub


  • A swing
  • A exersaucer/play seat
  • A monitor (I HIGHLY recommend getting a video monitor)
  • Stroller and Carseat
  • High chair/booster chair
  • Play Mat
  • You might want a bassinet/cradle/packnplay for your little one to sleep in if they are in your room
Extras that I LOVE

  • Baby Beaba—Steams and purees food for my LO (I make my own babyfood—much cheaper and healthier—and pretty easy!)  It’s an investment, but in the end is WAY cheaper than buying the jars.
  • Noise machine
  • Bottle dry rack
  • Baby gate—we use it more for a doggie gate.  I’m sure that will change once my munchkin is mobile
  • If you are planning on nursing—I HIGHLY recommend getting a breast pump.  They are VERY helpful!! 
  • Also, I LOVE this diaper organizer.  LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.  It might not be a must for everyone, but for me it is a MUST.  It's called "Diaper Depot" by Prince Lionheart.

I would encourage you to register for your big ticket items so that people have the option of buying you those for your shower gifts.  Friends can go in together to purchase the large items and you will have them when needed instead of having to go buy them.   

Tips to make mommyhood easier!           

  • Order your diapers and wipes from (through the Amazon mom program—which is awesome)
  • When you purchase diapers, keep the box they come in.  Then, when you need a place to put all of the clothes that your munchkin has outgrown, you can put the clothes in there and tape it up.  Free box…and, for the military wives—you automatically know that diaper boxes=baby clothing (or baby stuff).  J
  • Do a load of laundry a day to keep up with it!  Then it won’t seem overwhelming.
  • Ask for help. 
  • Have a “mobile changing station” in your car.  Keep a basket or bag with diapers, wipes, etc. in it so that you don’t have to dig all the time in the diaper bag when you are out and about
  • Also, I get free shipping through Amazon—so I order anything and everything I can to make my life easier.  I get my dog food through Amazon—and it’s awesome!  I don’t have to go to the pet store and lug the 30 pound bag out of the store while trying not to drop my new bundle of joy.  It comes right to my doorstep—for the exact same price I would pay for it at the pet store.  WIN.

I hope that I have given good advice!  So, other moms out there---what are your tips to make mommyhood easier?  Is there any thing I missed that you consider a MUST in your home? 


  1. Great advice Birdie...I'll have to remember this post when the time comes! :)

  2. Thanks, Ali! :) Ya'll will have such precious babies!