Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Military law.

mil·i·tar·y law [mil-i-ter-ee law] : The proposition that if something can go wrong, it will (the instant your husband leaves town).

It's military law.  Everything is fine....things are going major repairs on the house.  All electric appliances are working.  All children are healthy.  Then, BAM!  Husband leaves and it all just goes haywire.

This week, military law has struck.  With a vengeance. 

Let's start with my seven month old having a terrible cold.  TERRIBLE.  He can't breath when he lays down--poor lil guy.  So, laying down to sleep can be quite precarious. 

Then, yesterday, my phone was stolen while at the mall.  My lovely, wonderful, iphone4.  :( It had all of my pictures on it, my applications, my music....

So, yesterday, was spent running around looking for it, then running to AT&T to suspend my account, running home to get my husband's old phone, going back across town to AT&T to get the old phone working, and finally heading home.  All of this with a baby....with a cold. 

Today, my dogs broke down the fence and got into the neighbor's yard.  Joy.  I had to run a few errands, and while leaving walmart, I spilled coffee all over the driver-side floorboard.  Awesome.  (It had cream in it too--so I'm sure my car will smell delightful...)

Dare I ask what tomorrow, or this weekend holds?  Oh wait!  There is a Category 3 hurricane headed our way.  Glorious!  Have I mentioned that we haven't had a hurricane all year?  Of course, it makes perfect sense that we would have a hurricane roll in during the ONE weekend that my husband won't be here. -_-

I am not enthused. 

So, let's HOPE and PRAY that this hurricane doesn't cause major power outages.  Because THAT one, my friends, would really just take the cake. 

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